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  • Sharelle Williams

Running: Key Elements To Injury Prevention

If you’re keen to start running or get back into your running, it’s important to be patient. Good things come to those who wait!

Here's our tips to avoid injury:


We need to build the load capacity of our muscles & tendons so the body can adapt so start slow, with low kms. Even if you ‘used to’ run 10kms, start again & take your time.

The ‘10% rule’ can be a helpful guide where you increase your distance by no more than 10% each week. Having said that an individualised approach is always best & if you’re running high kms a 10% increase may prove excessive.

Always finish your run with some fuel in the tank as consistency is key.


Although we run with two legs, only one foot is in contact with the ground at any given time, therefore it’s important to train them separately as well as together. Think about lower legs, thighs & the muscles up the chain also, such as hips & core.


Cool down with a walk & stretching to flush out the waste products & slow your heart rate & breathing.

Include a recovery week every 4th week where you reduce your distance by 5-10% but maintain intensity. Aim for maximum fitness & minimal fatigue.

Rest days are important for recovery. Take one after each run in the beginning.


Make sure you’re well hydrated before a run (practical test - check the colour of your urine. We want a pale yellow colour). Generally we need 2-3 litres per day.

Maintain a balanced diet with plenty of whole foods - veg, carbs, good fats & protein.


This is how our bodies recover. Practice good sleep hygiene & get a good 7-9 hours each night (some people may need more!).

Happy running!

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