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Osteo Internship at Symetri

We are pleased to announce a new initiative at Symetri – our mentoring Internship Program.

We have two final year Osteopathy students that are dedicating their final months of their five year degree to further improving their skills in the lead up to graduating.

How Does It Work?

Established clinics with qualified Osteopaths can offer an Internship to final year students, whereby they perform consultations to private paying patients at a significantly reduced fee. The Intern will consult with a qualified Osteopath prior to and after your appointment to discuss your case, including treatment and management. The Intern will perform a thorough history, examination and treatment.

For some time now, these students have been applying their Osteo skills to treat patients at their Student Clinic (and other clinical placements) as part of their degree - this is merely an additional opportunity.

The Intern treatment times have been carefully selected to ensure Dr. Sharelle Williams (Osteopath, Owner) is available to mentor and support the Interns.

Some of you have already had the pleasure of meeting our Interns during their induction period where Sharelle has been performing co-treatments with them and having them observe.

The Internship Program also includes ongoing thorough one-on-one mentoring on how we approach common presentations of conditions, assessment and treatment at Symetri.

Intern Appointments

Appointment times will be operating at extended consultation times:

Standard Consultation: 45 minutes at $50

Initial Consultation: 90 minutes at $60

NOTE: No private health insurance rebates are available.

Meet Our Newest Intern Members

Emily Jones

Emily is currently undertaking her final semester of her final year at Victoria University.

Having grown up on the Surf Coast, she is eager to return to the coast after graduating. Her clinical experience includes ongoing work as a Massage Therapist at a Chiropractic clinic, Osteopathy placement at Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery and at the VU Student Clinic. She has also operated as a junior sports trainer for the Geelong Falcons Football Club.

Emily will be available for appointments Mondays 9am – 3pm from the 12th of April to the 24th of May.

Georgia McMahon

Georgia is completing her final year of her Osteopathy degree at Victoria University. She has been heavily involved in her sport and has naturally been drawn to applying her skills in this area, working the past five years as a sports trainer for the Western Bulldogs with either the AFL, VFL and AFLW teams. She has further increased her skills as a current Massage Therapist with the Melbourne Storm team. She performs ongoing Osteopathy placement at the Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery and at the VU Student Clinic.

Georgia will be available Tuesdays or Fridays 9am – 3pm from the 27th of April to the 21st of May, breaking for exams and then continuing until October.

Why Are We Embarking On This Journey?

Our program has been designed to mentor these students on all facets of our patient interaction – from communication and the patient experience at Symetri, through to the application of techniques applied. It is a great way for these talented, up and coming Osteopaths to launch their career, increasing their clinical skills and training before going into the profession.

It also provides our valuable patients with another treatment option at an affordable rate while being supported by an experienced Osteopath.

Be sure to say hi to Georgia and Emily when you see them around the clinic!

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