alighted health

'A healthy outside, starts from the inside.'

Clinical Nutrition provides dietary and supplementary advice to heal, preserve and prevent ailments and disease. With Alighted Health, we assess your nutritional needs based on your lifestyle and medical history.

We approach all disease states in a holistic manner, ensuring not only your physical body is assessed, but life's many dimensions are taken into account to create an individualised treatment plan.

Nutrient adequacy and deficiency is assessed, along with the vitality of food consumed, dietary choices and lifestyle - ensuring the patient has the best chance of achieving optimum health. ​

Education is provided on self care to understand ones weaknesses and strengths, allowing them to recognise if they need to return to professional care. Further information on supplemental cellular interaction and the chemical pathways involved may be provided. 

Our main philosophy is 'BALANCE', recognising that this can often be the most difficult of things to achieve.

what we treat

  • weight management

  • clinical nutrition

  • dietary planning

  • sports nutrition

  • psychological nutrition 

  • neurological nutrition

  • preconception and conception

  • female and male specific health 

  • children's health

  • nutritional biochemistry

For more information on the services provided by Alighted Health, please see their website.