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what is chinese medicine?

In the practice of Chinese Medicine, we observe the condition of the body and its elements, then assist the body with acupuncture and herbs to rebalance the body into a state of harmonious Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).

Chinese Medicine is based on over 2000 years of practice and experience. As a natural medicine, it takes into account every aspect of life - the climate, a person’s particular living and working environment, diet; the state of their life, contentment and relationships. It is very complete and not at all one dimensional.

Each Chinese herb has varying properties and can balance particular parts of the body. We provide Chinese herbal medicine in the form of pills, capsules or formulas that are tailor-made for each patient.  


Acupuncture is used to treat the pathology of the whole body. We will observe your body and relevant acupoints are selected accordingly. Each point has many functions that guide the combination of points chosen. Fine sterile needles are gently inserted into these specific points to treat the energy flow or Qi of the body. Qi courses through the body using paths called 'meridians'. The simplified version of Qi consists of two main complementary energy forces: yin and yang.

Yin energy is slow and cold. Yin is derived from quiet activities, such as resting, meditation, and deep breathing. Yang energy is fast and hot. Yang energy comes from challenging physical and mental activities, such as exercise, concentrated effort, and external forces that cause stress. It is the homeostasis of Yin and Yang we want to achieve.

Acupuncture works by restoring regulation and harmony within the body, so the various organs are supporting one another and working well in their own right.

what we treat

Women's general health and wellness

Female reproductive issues 

Fertility & preconception

Assisting IVF


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